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        產品展示 Product



        MACUltra-low temperature freezer



         MACUltra-low temperature freezer
        Water cooledMAC-RCC-HWSeries low temperature can reach- 160.℃
        The hot gas defrosting function
        MACUltra-low temperature freezer is a powerful auxiliary exhaust system



        Characteristics of < >
        More heat exchanger series
        System by means of refrigerant through multiple series of condenser, repeat condensation. The action of evaporation cooling.
        The defrosting system
        Carry by MAC standard patent technology (97100931), the defrosting and its efficient utilization system
        , more stable operation.
        Non azeotropic mixed refrigerant freezing method
        Using the MAC patent technology (4108656), to prevent the low boiling point and high pressure gas pressure rise of the system
        Carrying high pressure attenuation system.


        More heat exchanger series
        Refrigerant gas.N2 + HFCEnvironmental mixed refrigerant









        * specifications are subject to changes without prior notice
        * minimum temperature of the measured temperature of the no-load condition
        * minimum temperature to the low temperature time, due to the surrounding temperature, temperature change and there are different
        * standard color to light gray/black, the coating color can be changed

        MAC-RCC-HWA series of- 145 ~ 160℃

        lowOperation panel

         RCC-HWAll series adopts touch LCD screen, simple operation and display all kinds of connections.

        The main picture warnings



        In addition, also have protection setting, maintenance, such as adjustment of almost all of the function, can in setting adjustment
        Touch screen operation, easy to maintenance.

        lowThe common specifications. The external signal input operation. The temperature of external output. The abnormal alarm output. The refrigerant piping ball valve


        The condenser(condensation, condensation tube)


        Condenser can be in accordance with the characteristics of the vacuum system, needs to carry on the design, not qualified to make the snake tube.
        Condenser installation location should avoid thermal and optical radiation..Such as the heat source.



        High vacuum unit = narrow area of condenser.
        Base material contained more = increase the area of condenser water.
        High temperature heating vacuum unit = condenser area of 70%。
        Refrigerant piping (refrigerator < = > cavity)

        Constitute the important key to realize ultra-low temperature, please according to the company technical guidance.


        Pipe size and distance



        SIZE Piping length limit
        351RCC 1/2 < 5M
        751RCC 5/8


        Piping is inversely proportional to the distance and cooling efficiency.
        The long distance to the most low temperature time longer, should as far as possible, shorten distance piping.

        MACUltra-low temperature freezerisPowerful exhaust auxiliary systemwith20In history, and500The above achievements.
        Production capacity30%The above.
        The realization of high quality film.
        High temperature of film forming process can also be used.
        Replace the use of liquid nitrogen.
        Saturated vapor pressure of water relations with ultra-low temperature.



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